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Shark Frenzy is our family-owned small business located in Venice, Florida. We sell beachcombing equipment, shark-themed gifts, fossils, sharks teeth, and much more!

 Before our family opened up Shark Frenzy, we were tourists just like so many of you! Our goal when visiting Venice, Florida was to get as many sharks teeth and fossils as possible. Just like you, we wanted to make the most out of our precious vacation time. We utilized the tools available to us, and through extensive trial and error we developed our own system of shark tooth hunting. We found hot spots for sharks teeth, but we realized that we were missing something. We wanted to share our passion with others. Our original patented invention, the Shark Tooth Sifter, allowed us to do just that! Nowadays, at our family owned store, we take pride in offering the best shark tooth hunting equipment around. We love sharing shark tooth hunting advice with you all, and identifying your finds! Our customers and supporters are so precious to us.

Whether you’re brand new to shark tooth hunting, a seasoned pro, or you’re collecting for fun, we want to help you find more sharks teeth! We want to provide you the experience that we wish we had as tourists/fossil hunters, and we want to share the love of beachcombing.


Our Specialty is Fossils

Florida’s unique paleontological and geological history has earned it the reputation for being a fossil hunting mecca. From mammoths to megalodons, Florida has a very rich fossil record. Stop by Shark Frenzy and browse our unique collection of Florida fossils! We will even let you know how you can go about finding your very own fossils on local gulf beaches!

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Shark Frenzy/Fossil Frenzy

262 Tamiami Trail S, Venice, FL 34285 | 272 Miami Ave W, Venice, FL 34285

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